The Tale of Two Tails Part 2

The Tale of Two Tails Part 2

So where was I… Oh yes, so this cat seemed really hungry and seemed to really enjoy being around. This cat helped me somehow feel a bit better. My kids started to notice their mom talking to something.  I told them this cat must have been eating Lucy’s food I was putting out.

The cat came to visit daily. It was such a sweetheart! We began to call it a she. My daughter even named her Tulip.  I thought we should name her Faith. Because she seemed to have this amazing amount of faith to win us over and make her our own! The kids absolutely loved this cat!  What a great change! We actually had a cats affection and she wanted to hang around us!

We put an add in a few garage sale sites in our area to see if Tulip belonged to a family already. I even stuck a note on her collar. We never heard from anyone. So we pretty much decided we were going to keep Tulip. So guess who decided to show back up? Yep, one day I heard a whine that sounded vaguely familiar. I looked out the window facing the cornfield and see a wee little face peeking through! It was Lucy! Thank God my Lucy was finally home! We were all so excited to see her! But what about the new cat we just about entered into our collection of pets? The kids were a bit disappointed now. The two cats didn’t get along. I should say Lucy couldn’t get along! And now we got this great experience of having an affectionate cat!

Now please remember, I am from the suburbs near Chicago. So if this cat of ours was going to come back in the house and lay on my bed etc., she was going to need a bath! So we gave her a bath, got her nice and clean. Now we need to figure out what we are going to do about these cats!

We decided to take care of both cats.  Since Lucy was our cat, after all, she would come back in the house and stay. Tulip would be well taken care of outside. She seemed to survive alright outside as a farm cat. There were farm buildings she seemed to somehow get into if she needed to get away from the cold and wind.  We would take Tulip to the vet and make sure she would be healthy and safe to be around! We didn’t pick her up or get too close because we didn’t know if she had something we could catch.  So I was anxiously awaiting to be able to cuddle with this cat!

A week before or so we took Tulip to the vet, a neighbor of mine who I hadn’t met yet came over.  We talked about how we were homesteading, her horses, flowers and etc. Then Tulip comes out and we introduce her to our neighbor who was visiting. She commented how nice it was. Then I can’t remember if I asked her to check Tulip’s private area or if she just said it. But she said it was a Tom Cat!! A male cat!

Oh man! We call this poor cat a girl’s name! Now, what do we do? The cat actually comes to his girl name! What do I tell the vet that his name is? I was feeling pretty stupid!  After going through some alterations to fix his name. We finally came up with Tu. I know it kinda sounds weird! But it has character! Right? I felt a little better after his vet check, the vet said he was neutered. So not too weird that I couldn’t tell!

As of today both cats are now outside barn cats. And both Tu and Lucy have adjusted themselves around each other. We had some more behavioral issues with Lucy and no one wanted a mean cat in their houses. She comes twice a day to my door and eats her food. She too sneaks into the farm buildings or our greenhouse. She has actually become a tad nicer and is a great mouser. Tu is a great cat! This past fall we had a huge scare! He was peeing blood! We took him to the vet and found out he had crystals blocking near his urinary tract. It was so scary! We thought we were going to have to put him down. Thankfully, we tried this food that is supposed to help. It has been an answer to prayer. Since we started the food there has been no more frequent urination and no blood. Praise God!

Tu hangs around when we are doing chores outside, comes to greet us when we come home, hangs on our window screen if he wants our attention,gets along with the chickens, ducks, and dogs! And he is good with the kids! He is also a great mouser.  Its pretty funny when I am gardening and he jumps on my back and just lays there on my back! He sneaks into the house a lot and tends to make himself comfy! I’m telling you must be that faith!

I hope you enjoyed this two part story blog of The Tale of the Two Tales! Its always an adventure here on the homestead!

The Who Knews on owning Goats

The Who Knews on owning Goats

Our latest adventure on the homestead recently was bringing four Nubian/Pygmy Kids to our homestead.  It has been such an awesome experience.  We decided on two males and two females. 

A few months ago, we toyed with the idea of having a goat. We wanted to get a bit more self-reliant.  Goats, as you know, can be milked. So how cool to milk a goat and have milk to drink and to make cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and soaps. So we did a bit of research. Of course, there was a lot of stuff we didn’t know. For instance, we wouldn’t be able to just have one goat.  Apparently, they need at least one buddy. Ok, so we will get two.  A male and a female. No, won’t work. You can’t keep a male and female together.  That is when we realized we had to have four goats! One to milk, one as a buddy, One Male, and a male buddy.  Wow! That is a lot of goats for this suburbanite! Not only that, but who knew that the female goats couldn’t constantly stay milked after being pregnant.  They later have to get pregnant again. Crazy as it sounded we decided it was still something we should do.  So the hubby made a few wooden weather tents for shelter and we purchased another electric fence. We also made sure we were buying a good breed and goats that came from a good line of goats. I really didn’t know what to expect when my husband and son brought them home. To be honest, I was nervous! Its been over a month now that we have had the pleasure of raising these goats!  Our little Kid goats came right after they were weaned off the bottle. They have adapted quite nicely to grazing on fresh grass, hay and Mulberry leave to name a few.  My children decided to go with the Chronicles of Narnia theme when it came time to give the names. So we have Susan, Lucy, Edmond, and Peter.  I can’t begin to tell you how amazing these goats are! Each goat has its individual personalities.  And it has been so fun to see their personalities unravel.  I have thought of many ways I could keep them in the house with me! unfortunately, I couldn’t  think of any that would work. Who knew that I would enjoy them so much! They are so friendly! I just love to go visit them! They wag their little tales and come greet you. Our Edmond even stares at me with puppy dog eyes! Yes, puppy dog eyes! Who knew I’d have a love for goats!

I pray my family can keep them safe, happy and healthy for a very long life!

There is no longer a microwave at the homestead

There is no longer a microwave at the homestead

About five months or so our beloved microwave past away. Now my usual reaction would be to go to my husband and tell him we are in need of a new microwave ASAP! But this time I started to have questions and second thoughts on purchasing a brand new microwave. I thought “Great, another expense after moving”, “Could I really live without a microwave?”, “Microwaves aren’t very healthy anyways”, “But what about making popcorn?”, “Oh yeah, I used to use a popcorn popper!”, “Maybe I could find other ways to heat up my food or cook foods differently.” I decided to give it a try. My husband found a decent popcorn popper off Amazon and I purchased Farmers’ Market popping kernels.

So we plugged in the popcorn popper and I was glad my husband was making the popcorn, because for a minute or two I had forgotten how to use a popcorn popper! “Wait, how many kernels go in at a time?”, Where do you put the kernels in?”How could this be?” Had I really forgotten how to use a popcorn popper! I then realized it was probably because I hadn’t used a popcorn popper in almost 20 years! I was dependant on my bags of microwave popcorn I threw in my microwave filled with popcorn kernels, butter,salt and who knows what else was in there. So we put the kernels in the correct spot and cut up some butter and placed it on the little tray that sits up on top of the popcorn popper. Then something magical happend! Something else I had forgotten! The way the popcorn pops up and out of the machine and the sound of the popcorn popping. It was actually exciting! The kids loved it too! We then poured the hot melted butter on the freshly popped popcorn. I remembered that lovely taste of real melted butter on my popcorn! Wow! Crazy I know, but try it for yourself!

There was other microwave issues to conquer of course.  There were the problem of heating my soup, heating frozen vegetables,making baked potatoes, and fast nachos! I figured out quickly how to still make and warm these foods without using my microwave. I started baking my potatoes in the oven, warming up my soup in a pot on top of the stove, warming up my vegetables in a pot on the stove or roasting them in the oven and making a layered dip in the oven to pour over my chips for my nachos.

The best part of not having a microwave in my kitchen besides the space, is the mess! I no longer have to clean and scrub an icky microwave. I can scratch that off my kitchen chore list and have healthier ways to cook and eat my food!

So ladies and gentleman that’s why there is no longer a microwave at my homestead! Now I have a taste for popcorn!


Our First Summer

                                                                                                                                                   IMG_0371Our First Summer was filled with lots of excitement not only our new home but a new life practically! Being from practically no lawn to acres off a farm is pretty amazing! We had so much fun exploring wildflowers, bushes, trees, luscious green grass, a creek, etc. It was such a pleasant surprise to find out we had a BlackBerry bush! Once we found that gem of a bush, we were there every day picking berries! The kids had a blast! And of course, Momma did too! And if the bush wasn’t enough, we also found out we had an Apple Tree! We were able to collect a great basket or two filled with delicious Apples!

We had a great time figuring out where to plant some more flowers. My husband decided with an over 2 acre home, we needed to purchase a John Deere sit mower! I think he really enjoyed driving the John Deere! Who doesn’t want a sit mower?!

We so enjoyed taking family walks around our property and occasionally would see frogs and toads! And they were not in the water! We found this one frog that was such a pretty shade of green! I personally love frogs! So this was pretty awesome to me! It seemed like everyday there were bugs to see. We saw a lot of Grasshoppers, Katydids, FireFlies, different kinds of beetles, ladybugs, spiders, and bugs I’ve never seen before!

One summer night we even saw bats! They were circling up above the roof! It actually was in our favor, because they ate a ton of the mosquitos! Which came in handy when we had our fire pit going! I just love having family time by the fire and under the stars! Roasting Marshmallows, making s’mores! The kids would go find long sticks and use the sticks to put the marshmallows on! Super easy for this Momma, I didn’t have to buy the holders and I didn’t have to wash anything! Win, Win!

Well as you can see it was a great summer we had! It went by way too fast though! I really miss being outside a lot. I miss looking at all the pretty flowers nature put in my yard. It was such a treat to pick the fresh cut flowers and decorate my home with them! I even would get special in-person flower deliveries from the kids! We are so looking forward to next summer! There

 is something about being outside, looking at trees and flowers and just being surrounded by nature the way God intended us too! What a precious gift.