A New Kind of Puppy Love

A New Kind of Puppy Love

Well, here at the homestead my family and I experienced our Great Pyrenees giving birth to her pups! It’s been so exciting! In my last post, I talked about how my Livestock Guardian dog was pregnant and that I was a little nervous about the birth. Well, I survived! My dog did such an amazing job! I am so proud of her! Just this past Saturday night, I went upstairs to bed and little did I know that my dog would start having puppies! At about 1:30 A.M., my hubby woke me up and informed me that our dear dog made her way to the basement laundry room and started to give birth. My hubby had been checking the fire stove so he had already been up. He had noticed that our dog was not around and went in the basement to see if she was down there. And sure enough, she was down there. I hurried downstairs and she had three pups already. Then another and by the time 5:30 in the morning came, I was relieved for a few hours night sleep. This way my hubby and son could get some sleep in until it was there turn again. When I was up and ready to check up on her for my shift, she had already had three more! After about another hour or so she had another! It was so amazing! A little sac bubble with a tiny little pup inside! She had a few more later and then every time we thought that had to be all the pups another would come! And thank God my dog wasn’t doing a screaming whine like I would have been doing if I was in labor. She patiently waited there in her blanket nest and carefully cleaned each pup. Well, we thought for sure our dog must be finished with the pups by now. But no, After already having seven! So we moved her and the pups up to our family room and around 11 am or so she had her final pup. It was number 12! Twelve pups!! Can you believe it! Usually, dogs don’t have that many for their first litter of pups! What a blessing! I cant tell you how much I adore these pups already! They are so precious! And I’m so thankful that so far there hasn’t been any huge concerns. Our dog has shown such a great amount of affection by how she just lays there with twelve pups hanging all over her and nursing all day and night! She occasionally cleans them and seems so incredibly patient! I think I would go nuts if it were reverse! Some of the pups are males but the majority seem to be female. And they all pretty much look the same right now except one is dark. And another has some spots. I can tell they sure love their momma! So why did I title this post “A New Kinda Puppy Love”? I just feel such a cool connection and bond to them! There is such a beautiful experience when watching a life being born! And it’s obviously new to me! I hope everyone can witness something so amazing! Don’t get me wrong it has and will be work. I had a big laundry mess, little sleep, checking the momma and her pups throughout the day, making sure my dog can relieve herself and go outside, make sure she’s drinking enough and etc! And lets not forget that the pups are probably at the most easiest as of right now. Just wait till I have twelve furry cute fluff balls walking,running, and barking. Oh, but they will be so cute and lovable it will be worth it! And as far as being attached to them, we wont go there yet! I’m going to enjoy my eight weeks! So that’s it, my new kind of puppy love! https://theunexpectedhomesteadmommadotcom.wordpress.com/

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