Winter Days are here again

Winter Days are here again

Well even though I wish it away most of the time, winter has come! The holidays have come and gone; which mean the new year has arrived. So as I sit here and write, I would like to recap some things that have happened. Then talk about my current adventure that has barely begun.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving my family and I stayed home for a mini celebration. We had planned on having family over but it just didn’t work out that way. Back in the spring we even bought Turkeys! Sadly, only one turkey survived. But boy was the turkey beautiful! He was a Gray Slate Turkey. It was pretty amazing watching him grow! I know you’re not supposed to name the animals you eat, but I thought Turkey Tom was a great name. Through the busyness and also not calling ahead of time to get the Tom butchered, he did manage to stay alive through Thanksgiving! I wound up buying a turkey breast and cooking it. In fact, I believe it was the first turkey I’ve ever made myself! I must admit, I typically race to the paper and plastics for my plates and cups for holidays like a lot of people do. I dislike washing dishes by hand! But this Thanksgiving, I felt like making the table beautiful! I was thinking real china, silverware and as close to crystal goblets that I could find at home. This past summer, I inherited my Grandmother’s china plates and some serving dishes. And a few years back her silverware! Needless to say, my dining room Thanksgiving table looked just beautiful! I would think about all those dishes after I ate. My kids thought it was so amazing to use real china and goblets! And they admired everything the food was on or served with. I placed a candle and it was a spectacular dinner! After I had a much-needed nap, I was absolutely surprised to find all my china and other dishes were carefully washed! My wonderful husband and kids had done them all! I may have to consider taking the china out more often!

Christmas came and went as we celebrated the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus. It was a great time! The kids were even in a little concert at our church. I made Christmas cookies and baked gifts for some friends. And yes, I used my Kitchen Aid mixer! I wrote about the Kitchen Aide Mixer in a previous blog post. Check it out!

After Christmas, it got pretty cold here on the homestead. When the cold hits hard my husband and I have to be on top of the fire stove. Making sure there is a roasting fire and checking the temperature on the stove. And when roads are bad we stay hunkered down in our cottage! I love to spend time with the fire. It’s super comfy there. I’ve been working on a cross-stitch project through this winter. It’s the “Serenity Prayer”! I’ve always loved that prayer. We’ve been watching movies as a family and playing board games. I love to create bath bombs and soap too! That has kept me busy. We check on our animals and make sure they are warm and fed as well through the winter. We don’t move the goats because there is no grass! So we give them hay and put lots of straw in their little house. Sadly our egg production was at a negative for a little while. Some chickens were molting and not sure on the ducks. But no eggs! It seems like we either have a feast or famine when it comes to eggs! Recently though we have gotten a few eggs a day! I’ll take it! But would love more!

Back in November, we noticed our Great Pyrenees/Anatolian took a great liking to our other Pyrenees if you know what I mean. So we are proud to announce that any day we will be having puppies on the homestead and in our cottage of course. We were hoping it took at least six months. But nope, sixty days! So we will have winter pups! So our Guardian livestock pregnant dog is on an early maternity leave. She has been awfully spoiled here. I’ve been doing my research on what’s to come. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit nervous. But I do have a vet close by and friends and family who have witnessed to breeding before. The Pyrenees are so adorable as pups!! Pictures and an update blog to come. Prayers are greatly accepted! As this is another first for me on the homestead.

I plan on working on prepping for Spring soon! Gathering my seedlings and growing them in my cottage and later in our new large greenhouse. I’m hoping my goats will have kids this Spring and anxiously awaiting to get my hands in my front yard garden again. These winter days have had their cozy and grand moments but I’ll take Spring and Summer anytime!

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