How Kitchen Memories are Made

How Kitchen Memories are Made

Now that I am a mom, I often think about what my children will remember about their childhood. I truly hope that my children will have a great long list of great memories to remember. As I sit and think of my own fine childhood memories, I can’t help but not think of my very own kitchen memories with my family! And it’s funny how I can even remember the look of kitchen utensils and other items in my mother’s kitchen. In fact, my last blog was about my mother’s recipe box. Oh, how I love that box!

I can remember my mother’s orange Tupperware bowl, the look of our family dinner plates, our cups and etc. A couple of my favorites alongside the Recipe box was an antique Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar that was handed down to my mom from her mom. It sat high up on top of the freezer. Which was an excellent choice knowing what I know now about kids and breakables. Another absolute favorite item in my mother’s kitchen was one of her Wedding gifts! It was a beautiful white/cream Kitchen Aid Mixer! I loved that mixer! So many memories of watching and getting to pour in the ingredients for a special treat my mother was baking for our family. There was Dad’s Banana bread, cakes, special cookies etc! I can remember my mother would always be very quick to clean her beautiful mixer when finished with it. Then when the mixer was all clean and dry she would gently roll together the cord and place it back on top of the refrigerator.

I have always wanted a Kitchen Aide Mixer of my own! Especially now that I am married and have kids of my own. I am not quite sure if I will ever inherit the Kitchen Aide Mixer that belonged to my Mom that sat on top of my fridge (I have two sisters). I never received one for my Wedding present either. Neither did I have extra money to spend since my wedding on something so expensive. Last year, I purchased a small cheap mixer. It was a great little mixer and I was grateful. But it still wasn’t the same! It wasn’t the mixer I envisioned to have on my counter as a mom.

I am happy to blog today that I received a vintage kitchen Aide Mixer for an early Christmas present just this past Friday! There I was just shopping along in my favorite Thrift store when I was in the nearby town. Apparently, I had been one of the first people to see this mixer! As you know great items don’t last very long in thrift stores! There it was sitting beautifully on their counter! A beautiful white/cream vintage Kitchen Aide mixer very similar to my mothers! It was simply waiting for me to claim and take home to my Country kitchen! I raced to the counter with amazement at the beautiful mixer. The price tag was fair but it was still a high price for me to want to spend right now. I asked the lady about the mixer and she kindly showed it to me. She plugged it in and it worked! It also came with and a ray of mixing attachments! Which I later found out are quite a pretty penny as well. After the lady shut off the mixer, she tried to pull the top mixer piece up and it wouldn’t budge! She tried to struggle with it for awhile and I finally just made her an offer. Yes, that’s right I made an offer and didn’t even know if I would ever be able to open and use the mixer. She took my offer but didn’t know how I was going to ever open it. I didn’t care, I let my emotions from my memories and my urge to have one take over. After I brought the mixer in the car I noticed the cord had a piece of electrical tape wrapped around part of the cord. I thought “Oh no, I just spent money on an item I may never get open and it has a bad cord! Did I make the wrong choice?”. I later after playing around with the mixer, found that all I had to do was take the mixer piece off and walla, the mixer went up! Oh, thank God I thought! Then when I showed my hubby he said we would be able to replace the cord! And that it was a great deal that I had found! Yay!

The beautiful Vintage and so very identical to my mother’s mixer is currently sitting all pristine and clean on my counter! I love to gaze at the mixer when I pass or am in my kitchen! I don’t know if my kids will want one like mine when they are in their own homes and on their own but I sure hope to make some fond memories of baking using my mixer! You see because the largest reason I wanted my very own like my mother’s was because of all the hours of use in that mixer that made my very own special memories! The fact that it looks like my mother’s white/cream Kitchen Aide creates a replica of something very special and dear to me. So this old given away a piece of junk becomes a priceless treasure!

I strongly suggest you create kitchen memories with your families you’ll never know till your children are grown what they will remember and cherish from your kitchen! Some you may understand or guess and some may come as a surprise! And this is how memories are made in the kitchen.

4 thoughts on “How Kitchen Memories are Made

  1. You are a woman after m heart. My favorite things were passed Down. I have gotten so many goo things at Goodwill: old irons that get really hot, wooden ironing boards, a red wagon, and great cast iron pieces.I have my grandmother’s glass rolling pin. It can be filled with ice water. I love it.

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  2. HI, thanks for following my blog. My mother was unfortunately a thrower-away, not a keeper of kitchen utensils. I do remember a china blue and white chine rolling pin to fill with cold water, a marmalade slicing machine than you hand pumped and an old fashioned coffee percolator. But most were thrown as new mod cons came out. Luckily I am the reverse and have kept a few of my grandmothers things before my mother threw them, a whole box of treats from a friends grandmother as she too likes “new-things”, and my husbands mother recently let us have tonnes of old family heirlooms and kitchen items, now we are creating own new home in a barn we are renovating in France, Just last week when back in Uk I rescued a cast iron casserole dish from my mums rubbish bin, a stoneware jug, a cotton apron and a lovely copper jam pan! I do remember Tupperware and there were some plastic mugs that used to have a sort of woven material sandwiched in between in blue, yellow, orange and green. Very 70’s. Old things have history and to be honest were better made than what we have now. I love the smooth edges and burn marks on wooden spoons, and the chips on old enamel ware. New things are fine but handing down a history is lovely. Unfortunately we have no children to hand down too, so we must make the most of our old loved things during our lifetime.

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