The Forgotten Recipe Box

The Forgotten Recipe Box

I have fond memories of my mother’s recipe box.  A treasured box filled with index cards. These cards were handwritten or typed on a typewriter. I love to look at my mother’s and grandmother’s hand writing! Long ago a recipe box was a house wife’s go to for dinners, holidays, scrumptious desserts and etc. These boxes were past down to generations. Recipes were shared amongst friends too. They brought stories to the recipes and even different cultures to family recipes. Now a days it seems like the recipe box has been forgotten. A lot of people I know rarely seem to cook from recipe cards. Now and then when they get the urge to cook or bake they go to Pinterest. They rarely actually bake it and if they do they hope for the best.
About a few weeks ago or so I picked a bucket full of dandelion weeds and made dandelion jelly. It was my second time making dandelion jelly. I love it! If you have never tried it before it tastes a little bit like honey. I plan on putting this recipe in my recipe box. I hope my daughter will make it someday for her family too. It’s delicious! Check out my blog post on dandelions.

I recently came across the new crave recipe for Cloud bread. The recipe only has three ingredients! Cloud bread has eggs, cream cheese, and cream of tartar. That’s it! It turned out pretty good! It did however have an egg like taste, but I used a little bit of salt in my second batch. The salt made the bread taste much better. The kids loved the bread too! I was happy because 1) It doesn’t have flour, 2) I’m looking for egg recipes (We recently have been blessed with lots of eggs from our layers.) 3) The bread doesn’t take long to bake! I will definitely be putting this recipe in my recipe box. If you would like the recipe send me an email or contact me on Facebook.  I’d love to share this recipe with you!

I encourage you to try new and old recipes. Baking can be so rewarding! So let’s bring back the forgotten recipe box. And let’s pass these treasured priceless heirlooms to generations and generations!  Please enjoy looking at my photos. God bless!

2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Recipe Box

  1. Hi! I am trying to learn to post a link on your page. This article was very enjoyable about your mother’s and grandmothers recipe box. I do not have my mothers or mother-in-laws (who was a great country cook!), though I do have many of their hand-written recipes. They are indeed a treasure. The link I tried to send is one of my blogs on Polly’s (my MIL) homemade bread. I am sure it was her mother’s recipe as well! I’d love the recipe you talked about in this blog! Thank you!

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