Secrets kept about Dandelion Weeds

Secrets kept about Dandelion Weeds

 Such a pretty color!

  Picking off the flower heads.

  Boiling the flower heads in water.

  You need a large stockpot.

Yay! My very first Dandelion Jelly!
Our first experience with dandelions as children are usually great! Children see beautiful round and bright flowers to pick for their mom.  But after a few years, they find that while their mom’s do enjoy receiving flowers they don’t really like these flowers. And not only that but these flowers aren’t even flowers! They are much-hated weeds! We grow up finding the word” weed “as something disliked.  Weeds that people hate so much they pay to have them removed from their lawns. They pay big money for a landscape service or spend money at the store on weed killer sprays. This is how I grew up anyway just like many others.

Last year when we moved into our homestead, we had these weeds called dandelions.  This Spring we have had so many dandelions! I’ve never really thought there was much to do with this weed.  I mean I had heard of Dandelion root tea, but even that was not that long ago.  Last year I met a lady who told me she makes Dandelion Jelly! Jelly! How in the world could that taste good? Especially since the conversation got started because I was drinking dandelion tea I had bought from a store. And I was complaining how it tasted horrible! Lol, So this past year I have looked into more herbs and plant medicines etc. And I came across Dandelions. To my great surprise, I was finding secrets I’d never heard about the dandelion weed! I felt like I hit a mini homestead jackpot! lol, There were lots of recipes for soap, salves, lotions, fried dandelions, dandelion jelly, dandelion oil, and more! And so many health benefits!  I didn’t even know you could even eat one before last year!

So I decided to do some dandelion picking at the homestead! I picked as many as I could! I picked so many I thought for sure my back would hurt the next day!

I bought the dandelions into the house and decided what to make first! I chose the jelly! To make the jelly I had to pop off the flowers.  Which left me with a ton of stems. It seemed so wasteful to toss the stems out. So I looked up recipes with the stems. And I found out I could saute them! Of course, I wasn’t quite sure how dandelion stems would taste! That night I made them with some vegetables in the frying pan. Not too bad! I ate it anyway! The jelly did take some time to make, but I made it! And it was quite good! My family loved it!

I am currently making dandelion oil so I can make the dandelion salve lotion and soap recipes if I have enough oil. It takes two weeks for the dandelions to soak in the olive oil.  I’m pretty happy about these circular bright yellow flowers ehh, I mean weeds! I love them I really do!

** Caution* *- always check if the dandelions you’re picking. These tips are from Check out Pinterest too for recipes!

So go look up what secrets that only some know about the dandelion! I’m so thankful for these amazing weeds that so many sadly destroy and kill. God gave us the dandelion as a healthy beneficial gift! I’d say it’s pretty Dandy! Have a blessed day!

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