I say go Vintage!

I say go Vintage!

Yesterday I was doing some thrifting and to my surprise, I found a vintage Fashion Mate 257 SINGER sewing machine! Just a few weeks back I had been talking to some other Moms about how I would love to take sewing classes and buy a sewing machine. Their recommendation was to go vintage! A majority of sewing machines on the market today are nowhere near the quality of the vintage ones. The new ones are made of plastic and are very lightweight. The ladies told me that a lot of people have problems with their sewing machines. They are easily broken due to today’s lightweight sewing machines. The old vintage ones are primarily made of iron! And very heavy! Like 20lbs heavy! But because they are so heavy, they can keep up with the motor and what not. So needless to say I was happy to find such a gem! And I just adore the vintage look as well! Believe it or not, these vintage gems run prominently the same price as a typical average new sewing machine! The only issue when buying vintage is the concern of the sewing machine working or not. I thankfully have three days to return my sewing machine if it doesn’t  work. But other people may not be as lucky. So I am happy to say I plugged in my sewing machine and everything seems to be working! Yay! And I only paid a whopping $14.99! How awesome is that! I do need to lube some areas on the sewing machine and clean it up some though. It’s important to maintain vintage items, especially motorized. I haven’t tried to sew anything yet. But I’m ready to learn such an amazing homestead life tool for clothing and such! This suburbanite may not know how to make a dress yet, but I’ll get there! It would be so cool to make my own vintage dresses using old sewing patterns and such! Agh, the possibilities are endless! So if you are in need to get a new sewing machine, I say go Vintage!

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