My Homestead Spin on Duck Tales

My Homestead Spin on Duck Tales

As a child, I loved watching Disney’s Duck Tales! So many adventures! Now as an adult, my family now has its own spin on duck tales! It has a homestead spin to it.  But the duck tales’ episodes we are experiencing are a bit different. Here’s a sneak into episode one…

The day had finally arrived! My family and I in the car out to buy our first real homestead animals Ducks! Baby Kahki Campbells! We all had mixed emotions, but mainly excitement! When we finally were in the car going back home from the Tractor and Trailer Supply store,  I would peek into the box and look at these cute babies!  How we ended up with six I don’t know! Lol, So here we were our little homestead family from the suburbs to create our own version of Duck Tails! And boy did we get a great episode!
Lol. When we got home, we put the ducks in a Rubbermaid large container. And we put the container in a closed spot in our unfinished part of the basement. Yes, my suburban self now has six ducks in her basement! Pretty crazy! The first few weeks were pretty easy. After that few weeks, they started to grow fast! And I mean fast! I couldn’t believe it! After a week or two, they were escaping the Rubbermaid! So my husband set up a baby pool with a high thick cardboard around it. Let me just tell you ducks are messy to have in your house! They currently make a mess with their water and shavings! That mixed with poop is pretty icky. So this week they are a little over a month now and are showing a lot of feathers. Which is fabulous! Because it means they will be out of my basement soon! This week was crazy! My babies have gotten so big! What fit in a handful in my hand of a duckling was now the size of a normal sized duck! So earlier in the week, the ducks were able to work together batting their bills in unison to put an escape hole through the cardboard! Ahh! Ducks running waddling here and there, wet shavings and poop all on the floor in my basement! And the ducks are so fast! Thankfully my husband dealt with putting them back in their pool. My husband fixed the hole with some wiring. They escaped a few times after but are currently in the pool. I think… Don’t get me wrong, I love my ducks! They are so beautiful and will be very valuable to my family and me.
And that was just a few highlights from our country spin of Duck Tails. Stay tuned for more! Great, now I have the Disney’s Duck Tales intro song stuck in my head! “A whoooo Ewwww….”


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