Winter Days On The HomeStead

Winter Days On The HomeStead

Copy of IMG_2040IMG_2042.JPGIts a very cold day here at my homestead! This is our first winter we have lived here in the country.  Last night and today have been one of the coldest temperatures for the winter so far. So how are we doing? Well last night my family and I put on our long underwear under our pajamas, made sure wool blankets were on our beds, left a bit of water dripping in the sink for the pipes and made sure that our newly installed fire stove was a blazing! We survived! Lol! The coldest that I saw the thermostat was 55 degrees. Nobody complained! At the moment, I don’t know the temperature outside because our internet isn’t working today! I have the fire continually going and we have our space heater on in our home school room. I can’t believe I can start my own fire!  Pretty cool for what people might call me as a city girl!

I have driven so far this winter but always give myself a few days after a heavy snow fall.  These country roads kind of scare me! Just this last week, every time I tried to back out of our driveway, I would get stuck! We recently had a bad rain/ice storm . So the whole driveway was a mess! Luckily almost every time except one my husband was able to was home to help me out of my driveway. And of course he had no problems! Our driveway kinda has a drop in it.  But I cannot ever remember being stuck in a driveway before in my life! So to me it was strange and very challenging! Its not snowing today, but like I said it is very cold! But its not like I don’t have anything to do.  I am currently sitting here typing away have baskets of laundry to put away, a load or two to wash and a good amount of dishes to hand wash! Yes, I have to wash the dishes by hand. We do not have a dishwasher.  My facebook is not working due to the internet, so I guess its helping me stay on task for today.  For dinner I am making Pork Chops that we bought this past weekend at the Farmer’s Market in the next town over. Yum! They even seasoned them for me! And yesterday I made a loaf of sweet bread in my bread machine.  It has been awhile since I have made bread in the machine. Everyone enjoyed it! Its nice to know that on cold days all I need is flour, sugar, and eggs etc. and I have a treat to eat or can make bread for peanut butter sandwiches and other types of sandwiches too. Its also rewarding to make your own bread from scratch! The bread becomes your work of art to share! Well I am going to check on my fire now!


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