There is no longer a microwave at the homestead

There is no longer a microwave at the homestead

About five months or so our beloved microwave past away. Now my usual reaction would be to go to my husband and tell him we are in need of a new microwave ASAP! But this time I started to have questions and second thoughts on purchasing a brand new microwave. I thought “Great, another expense after moving”, “Could I really live without a microwave?”, “Microwaves aren’t very healthy anyways”, “But what about making popcorn?”, “Oh yeah, I used to use a popcorn popper!”, “Maybe I could find other ways to heat up my food or cook foods differently.” I decided to give it a try. My husband found a decent popcorn popper off Amazon and I purchased Farmers’ Market popping kernels.

So we plugged in the popcorn popper and I was glad my husband was making the popcorn, because for a minute or two I had forgotten how to use a popcorn popper! “Wait, how many kernels go in at a time?”, Where do you put the kernels in?”How could this be?” Had I really forgotten how to use a popcorn popper! I then realized it was probably because I hadn’t used a popcorn popper in almost 20 years! I was dependant on my bags of microwave popcorn I threw in my microwave filled with popcorn kernels, butter,salt and who knows what else was in there. So we put the kernels in the correct spot and cut up some butter and placed it on the little tray that sits up on top of the popcorn popper. Then something magical happend! Something else I had forgotten! The way the popcorn pops up and out of the machine and the sound of the popcorn popping. It was actually exciting! The kids loved it too! We then poured the hot melted butter on the freshly popped popcorn. I remembered that lovely taste of real melted butter on my popcorn! Wow! Crazy I know, but try it for yourself!

There was other microwave issues to conquer of course.  There were the problem of heating my soup, heating frozen vegetables,making baked potatoes, and fast nachos! I figured out quickly how to still make and warm these foods without using my microwave. I started baking my potatoes in the oven, warming up my soup in a pot on top of the stove, warming up my vegetables in a pot on the stove or roasting them in the oven and making a layered dip in the oven to pour over my chips for my nachos.

The best part of not having a microwave in my kitchen besides the space, is the mess! I no longer have to clean and scrub an icky microwave. I can scratch that off my kitchen chore list and have healthier ways to cook and eat my food!

So ladies and gentleman that’s why there is no longer a microwave at my homestead! Now I have a taste for popcorn!



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